Cecile Mestelan

Cécile Mestelan (1988) was born in Bayonne, France. Currently lives and works in Lisbon where she founded a pottery work center named ‘OLHO’ (EYE).


Graduated in 2013 at ECAL / Master of European Art Ensemble in Lausanne, Switzerland.  Her work is driven by exhaustive research and inspired by minimal geometrical atmospheres.


Her work is exposed through several different materials such as clay, wood, marble and drawings. In a society surrounded by objects, Cecile reinvents our relationship with different materials, leading to a free and poetic interpretation. The meaning of each object is left to each one in a discrete and elegant dialogue.


Joana Conceição

Joana (1981) graduated in 2005 at Universidade Lusíada (Architecture). In 2007, Joana founded her own project, under the brand GETIN, focused in Interior design and architecture. With more than a decade of experience, Joana defines herself as someone who tries to bring together creativity, innovation and quality.


Believing that each project should be unique, Joana focuses on creating distinct environments where comfort and sophistication are mandatory. Her work is defined by an elegant and contemporary style.


Mariana Esteves Serra

Born and raised in Lisbon, Mariana (1985) has a degree in Interior Design at ESAD – Escola Superior de Artes Decorativas da Fundação Ricardo do Espírito Santo Silva. At the age of 25, Mariana Esteves Serra took her passion for interior design and art to another level by founding Spaceroom, an atelier who wants to be a reference in Portugal.


In 2014, Mariana got her first international award (“Design Award & Competition – interior spaces in exhibition”) with the project “White Timeless” in Talatona, Angola.


Her passion together with regular clients requests to create and develop customized furniture, were triggers to embrace CINZEL’s project with great enthusiasm.